Current Art Projects of artist Bruce Cegur. Features The Party, Dysfunopoly,  Papal on Pink and more.
I tend to work on several projects at a time. I generally work on at least 3 of these projects in one day. To your right you will see a menu of some of my most recent projects to date. Just click on one of the image buttons to view more information and photos related to that project. More projects will be added to this menu as I am ready to expose them to the public.
NEWEST PROJECT: "The Party." A death in the family inspired me to create this newest art project which is a complete departure from my usual style. To try and describe it in words would be an injustice to the work so, you have to see it to understand it. Enlightenment is just a click away.
"Put on hold" PROJECT: DYSFUNOPOLY. There seems to be a new disorder for just about everything today. Perhaps that is because our society has become more self-aware. Rather than denying our pasts we are exploring, healing and/or coming to terms with them. As it turns out, if you have had a dysfunctional childhood, you are not alone. My own personal battle with my childhood and a somewhat dysfunctional family experience has inspired me to create this newest work.

RECENTLY COMPLETED PROJECT: "The Great Rebellion of the Back Porches and Balconies." This is an artwork about addiction, smoker's rights, and advertising at its best. What else should be the inspiration for this new work but Camel Cigarettes.

RECENTLY COMPLETED PROJECT: "Papal on Pink" is my newest and most controversial project. I hesitated letting anyone know about it much less view the progress of this project, especially after the events of 9/11. But, with all that is being exposed in the Catholic Church and the fanaticism in the Middle East, I figured it was time. CLICK HERE

Click Here to view a larger photo of "Nature or Nurture" and learn more about Cegur's newest work of art. NEWEST, AFFORDABLE,

Artist: Bruce Cegur
"Nature or Nurture"
Media: digital construction
Size: 17 3/4" X 15"
Frame is part of work (as seen)

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